About Me


Hello, and welcome! I’m Jeremy, and this blog is where I catalog my insights and inspirations about Agile/Scrum, project management, coaching, information technology, and business. I believe we can achieve great things when a group of individuals come together for a common goal. I hope my experiences in counseling, coaching, and project management can help you be successful at whatever you and your teams are working to accomplish. I enjoy meeting new people and offer one-on-one coaching — contact me and let’s chat!


I help teams self-organize, build trust, and unite. A commitment to each-other is the roots of high performance and fruitful outcomes.

Commitment – Settings goals are important but committing to them is like making a promise. I truly believe we should work and live in a way where we honor our commitments, follow through on our personal and organizational goals, and accomplish things that add value to our lives and customers.

Skiing Tahoe 2018
Taking time to live will only inspire your work…

Focus & Balance – You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.

Openness – Blind optimism is an occupational hazard and negative thinking is destructive to relationships. Tactful feedback and empathy is the cure.

Respect – Each and everyone of us deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Courage – Have the courage to commit, act, and to be open. Have the courage to fail. Have the courage to ask for help. Have the courage to celebrate your success. Have the courage to celebrate the success of others.