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Presentation: Scrum The Weird Parts


Scrum is a lightweight framework designed around the pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation. As players in the age of digital disruption, it’s our duty to move past the anti-patterns plaguing our organization by adopting an agile mindset and there is no better starting place than scrum.

This talk dives deeper into some of the “weird parts” in scrum and how they relate to the three pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation.

Topics Covered:

  • TL;DR Scrum 101
  • Predictive vs. Empirical Product Development
  • Why Relative Estimations Matter
  • Forecasting with Velocity
  • Quality and WIP (Work in Progress)
  • DevOps & CI/CD Pipelines
  • Spotting Anti-patterns: Silos, False Reporting Metrics, Fragile Scheduling, Proxy Product Ownership