Reflections On Courage: What Rocky Balboa Taught Me About Failure

Once a year, I have a ritual and binge watch all of the Rocky movies. For those unfamiliar, the series is about an Italian-American boxer portrayed by Sylvester Stallone named Rocky Balboa. The saga begins with Rocky, a small-time boxer, trying to make ends meet as a collector for a loan shark. As the series […]

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Improving Agile Retrospectives With SMART Goals

Soccer goal on an green field

I observed that the discussions kept gravitating towards the same things over and over again. I realized some teams weren’t developing and implementing any plans to improve themselves.

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The Five Levels of Conflict

As a coach, manager, team lead, or team member, it’s important to identify the types of conflict that are occurring within your team so you can initiate intervention strategies, facilitate healthy communication, or at the very least, not get caught in the mud flinging.

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